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. An application-programming interface (API) is a messenger that processes requests and ensures seamless functioning of enterprise systems. API enables interaction between data, applications, and devices. API can also be defined as an online programming interface of the organization. APIs tend to also offer metered billing upfront. For these and other reasons, APIs are a distinct subset of SaaS .

  • Client : TRIPeGATE & Singapore Airline, Emirates, British Airway, Lufthansa Group, France Air
  • Category : Travel Technology
  • Date : 14 October 20
  • Website :
  • Location : Bangladesh

Project Info

Innovative Interfaces

There has been so much talk about APIs and how they add additional revenue channels, create brand new partnerships, allow business partners to integrate with ease, and how they help with promoting your brand. However, an important and under looked aspect, which happens to be a byproduct of this new paradigm shift, is the faster innovation channel they provide.

You May Also Know How it Uses In IT Field?

Travel agencies are usually in need of a few types of software, each for a specific function. Traditionally, a travel agency would be engaged in various activities besides booking hotels and flights. In present market, there are several Travel Agency Software, which might not be customize as per your business requirement. Moreover, it is not connect with direct API Connectivity with Airlines. To overcome this issue, Offline Travel Agent take this opportunity to develop OTA (Online Travel Agency) engine and connect Direct API with Airline as per their Day-to-day operations include scheduling, tour program creation, consultation services, activities booking,  creating personalized tours, and finding the best fare for a client’s budget.

Expert Team

The TECHeGATE Team has a proven record of accomplishment to work with any solution. Apart from work with TECHeGATE, Our team has previous work experience with multinational Industry, which has made us confident to work locally along with Global client.

Free Consultation

We always preferred consultation with our valued client before going with us or not. We will do for our own company satisfaction and client happiness to clear their concept and will also do business analysis whether this project is feasible for their environment or not.

Lowest Cost

TECHeGATE Always prefer Client Satisfaction besides impose a minimal margin for our developer team.

Project Result & Benefits of Project

The project has been successfully implemented and deliver on time. API Integration will more benefit for Travel Agent to get the better fare for Customer as well as Travel Agent itself.