Do you have any Questions?

There are some common questions about information technology that we hear often. Here we share our knowledge and hopefully answer every question you’ve had about IT!

managed service provider (MSP) is a company that facilitates the remote management of a business’s technology and network. A managed service provider will remotely manage a business’s network so the business owner doesn’t need to hire a full-time team of their own.
Thinking of starting a business? Here’s the best step-by-step template for writing the perfect business plan for your startup.
  • Executive Summary.
  • Overview and Objectives.
  • Products and Services.
  • Market Opportunities.
  • Sales and Marketing.
  • Competitive Analysis.
  • Operations.
  • Management Team.
Those are not the types of answers an interviewer is looking for. When an interviewer asks you about what makes you unique, they are looking to learn more about why you, specifically, are a good candidate for this job. In other words, the interviewer wants to know more about the skills and experience you have that uniquely qualifies you for the position.

As s developer, you should consider all types of systems to work for any client. You should not block only one system in which you are an expert on. It will not help to upgrade your carrier.

Different Types of Managed IT Services
  • Managed Networks and Infrastructure. …
  • Managed Security. …
  • Managed Support Services. …
  • Managed Print Services. …
  • Managed Cloud Infrastructure. …
  • Managed Software as a Service (SaaS) …
  • Managed Wireless and Mobile Computing. …
  • Managed Communication Services.

Make It Simple

The KISS Principle, or Keep it Simple, Stupid, spans many trades, industries, and profession. The more complex something is the more ways there are for it to fail, and the more difficult to explain to someone else who needs to understand it. When building software, an incremental approach that keeps things as simple as possible for as long as possible trends to yield working software with fewer defects, faster. We TECHeGATE follow this principle throughout our all development.

Unique Strategy

Today, innovation is more than just a buzzword – it’s the thin line that sets successful businesses apart from everyone else.  We TECHeGATE follow the 5 P’s which are Plan, Pattern, Position, Perspective and Ploy. These five components allow an organization to implement a more effective strategy. A strategy is aimed at the future, concerns the long term and involves different facets of an organization. However, couple of points have to be in mind as an employer to get the unique strategy and we TECHeGATE is used to follow this rule.

  • Build your own offshore software development team
  • Give your employees ‘thinking time’
  • Invest in implementing ideas
  • Recognize and reward great performance
  • Create a functional workspace
  • Give employees permission to fail
  • Lead from the front

Unique Planning

We are not just a group of strategists, designers, data scientists and engineers in Dallas, Los Angeles and Karachi; we (TECHeGATE) are dedicated innovators delivering extraordinary systems that engage and retain users, grow business value and disrupt industries through one-of-a-kind experiences. Our product and project acumen will help your company evaluate market and user sentiment, make intelligent and data driven decisions while challenge industry beliefs to deliver a transformative application that overcomes competitors. From the first collaborative discovery session to market release and beyond, we make the development of your app into a definable and successful process.